What’s new for True Role Dreams in 2022

Happy New Year to all my readers! Finally True Role Dreams comes with news for this 2022!

It has been a long time since I wrote on the blog, the last thing I announced was the release of the dubbing version Silver Night’s Crusaders (project that filled me with great satisfaction).

But now I find myself busy with a new project, that I started before Silver Night’s Crusaders but I had to put on hiatus to prioritize my Castlevania tribute.

So today I will tell you about that project and other news that will come to True Role Dreams this year:

What’s new for True Role Dreams in 2022

The Crimson Force project

I have been working on this game since the beginning of 2021, dedicating the few spare time I have to advance it (as is usual in Homebrew x.x development).

The reason why I have not written news about the project in 2021 is because its progress so far has been purely argumentative, dedicating myself just to the script writing and making some maps or scenario.

Something I have learned about playing RPGs, it’s that story is the backbone in this genre and if its story is poorly written, the development of this kind of video game will be nonsense.

So it’s important to have the story well defined before even starting to program the game and generate delays due to improvisations or changes.

Anyway I have brought some images of what I have advanced:

For now it’s all that I can show about this project, as I always say images are subject to change as the project remains in development.

And yes, Crimson Force is heavily influenced by Final Fantasy, another of my favorite video game sagas (not to mention that this game is another “semifangame / tribute” xD).

So if you like RPGs (especially Final Fantasy) I think you will enjoy this video game a lot.

Retaking the Warcraft III maps creation

Something that I have noticed is the great popularity of a Warcraft III map pack that I published back in 2016 on this blog.

And looking at the fact that lately I am playing Warcraft III again, due to the release of Reforged, I decided to add new maps to that pack, here a couple of images:

If you are a fan of Warcraft III, like me, you can download and play the maps from the post where I published them.

Fixing the Website

Many readers have complained about the clutter of the site (especially with the advertising x.x). I just ask some patience, I’m working on an improvement to the blog design.

I can’t assure you that I will ready the new design anytime soon. But rest assured that the blog will have a makeover (hopefully this year).

That’s all for now. More information on True Role Dreams news blog.

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Until a next post.

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