New True Role Dreams website and Thanks

I’m finally back, with a new True Role Dreams website. I would also like to thanks the reception Silver Night’s Crusaders has had since its release date 😀 .

The new year of True Role Dreams

What’s new in the new website which not in the previous one?

Beyond removing old posts and removing the profiles of those who were no longer part of the team for a few months, I have made some notable changes:

In these months I have been dedicated to looking for an advertirser that is not so intrusive (or send a virus in it’s banners xd).

The advertising will helps to keep going the site since the hosting and domain aren’t free.

Donations are totally optional, but if you want to support me, I’ll leave the link here:

Now it’s a fully bilingual website

Another feature is that now the website is totally bilingual (not just the posts). Do you see the little flags in the upper left?

Click on them to change language. there are some texts and links that need to be translated, but the content of the web is functional.

New sections on the website and changes

The games section has had a total change, I sort better the information.

It was also translated into English, now the English game versions can be downloaded from there.

The FAQ section has also been added where I answer several questions that have been asked me these days.

I plan to add more sections in the future, in next posts I’ll write about it.

Thanks, questions and taking up projects

I have to say thanks for the reception that Silver Night’s Crusaders has had, I didn’t expect that popularity and amount of gameplays on Youtube and Twitch (seriously … xd).

From the posted gameplays of the demo on YouTube, I sensed that it would have a greater reception than Neon Lightning Force had, but I didn’t imagine it would be so much.

As a result, I have received several questions by private messaging and comments on YouTube that I would like to answer.

But being so many questions and starting next year focused on a new project I have decided to answer the most generic questions in the new FAQ section.

And finally, I have to say thanks to those who followed me since my first project and to the new followers that came with this second project too.

Now I’ll start a third project with more strength and enthusiasm than ever, remember that to stay informed, about news or project progress in True Role Dreams visit our news blog.

Don’t forget to follow me on social media:

And happy New year to everyone! 😀

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