True Role Dreams news for 2024 (Dev Room)

Happy New Year 2024 to all readers (at least this time I didn’t say hello in the middle of the year xd).

There are few moments I have to write but here I am bringing you the annual post about what I have been working on in my projects:

Version 1.5 of Neon Lightning Force getting closer

Ugh, there is a lot of material here to show (and that I have been showing on the YouTube channel).

The truth is that I have put aside other projects to focus on this one, I like how it is turning out, here are some videos:

This new version of Neon Lightning Force brings from completely redesigned scenarios to new weapons and slight modifications to the characters’ mobility.

And now the streets of Neopolis are more dangerous because the gangs come armed (as South American crime currently is xd):

Thanks to Maximiliano for the support with the recording.

There is so much I have worked on and the video game is so short that I don’t allow myself to show too much.

Possibly a demo will be released for April of this year (2024) that will replace the old version of Neon Lightning Force published in 2016.

This will be the new official version, I want this game has the same quality as Silver Night’s Crusaders, this is the game design style which I’ll manage all my video games from now on.

We close social networks in True Role Dreams

We say goodbye to Facebook, Twitter (or X) and possibly Ko-Fi

Yes, True Role Dreams’ Facebook and Twitter accounts will soon be deleted, as I am not liking the direction social media (and its users) are taking lately.

As for Ko-Fi, I’m doing well there but it’s not what I’m looking for to receive donations. I would like a more simplified service, since the Ko-Fi account looks empty if I don’t share something.

And I would no longer like to have to share my progress through so many social networks, since it is something that takes up too much time.

From now on, the only means where I will report on progress and news will be on YouTube, this same website ( and the two new channels on Whatsapp and Odysee.

Welcome to the True Role Dreams Dev Room and the Odysee channel

Odysee Channel

This channel will serve as a backup in case of True Role Dreams YouTube Channel is arbitrarily closed.

I had received news of friendly channels that have been closed by YouTube administration for no apparent reason.

The Odysee channel is still a bit messy but I’m trying my best to get it set up, however I have some issues with that platform, listed here to stay on topic:

One good thing about Odysee is that it was very easy to open the channel since it allows you to import your videos from YouTube (as long as they are not in HD) and upload them synchronously (for example, if you upload your videos to your YouTube channel, these will automatically appear in Odysee).

In any case, it is always good to have a backup channel in case of hacking or arbitrary closure due to poor moderation of these platforms.

True Role Dreams Dev Room on Whatsapp

Pay attention! This is where weekly (and possibly daily) project progress will be shown.

WhatsApp enabled a new function, the channels, and after doing some tests I realized that it is much easier to show small progress through this way than to create posts on social networks or dedicate an entire blog post to a tiny change or update.

Being a time saver for me and a great way to share my progress with you, I leave the link to the WhatsApp channel so you can join:

NOTE that this IS NOT a WhatsApp group but a “Channel” (Something totally different).

As far as I know, WhatsApp guarantees that phone numbers will not be shared, so we can enjoy anonymity within the development room.

Crimson Force on hiatus but there will soon be progress on the project

Here are some images that I have been developing:

I haven’t advanced this project since October of last year (2023), as all my attention has been on Neon Lightning Force.

I still have to finish writing the story of Crimson Force, I hope to return to it strongly this year.

Silver Night’s Crusaders in the Anbernic catalog

This news reached me almost in mid-2023 from my colleague Degel.

And it’s great that Silver Night’s Crusaders is transcending in this way too, not just appearing in Tops Castlevania fangames in Youtube but also being part of the default game library of this portable console.

Thank you very much Degel for giving me the news

I leave the link to the Anbernic page:

I hope you are encouraged to support this great project.

And well that’s all for now. Remember that for more information you can visit the True Role Dreams news blog.

Don’t forget to follow me on social networks (which I have now changed):

See ya! 😀

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