Team of national and foreign friends who participate in this world of homebrew video game development, they collaborate with me in my projects. If you like what we do and want to help with any talent you have, Welcome!

True Role Dreams Staff: Crimsondeath


Amateur developer and admin of True Role Dreams

I develop videogames as a hobby in my spare time, although I don’t know how to program I always give my best. I love video games, anime, literature, healthy food and training. I am also a hobby cosplayer.


True Role Dreams Staff: Dyhalto


Translation Assistant

Anglicizes and corrects the English translations in True Role Dreams video games. He also collaborates on various video game projects in the community, as well as having his own project: Fire RMNblem.

True Role Dreams Staff: Dark Bloodbane

Dark Bloodbane

Indie Developer & Hardcore Gamer

He helped build the Castlevania framework for OpenBOR in the community, it’s the engine we use for Silver Night’s Crusaders, he also helped me answering doubts and fixing many bugs that I had in the project (Thank you so much BloodBane 😀 ).

True Role Dreams Staff: DegelB 【Fandub】

DegelB 【Fandub】

Dubbing Director (Spanish game version)

Degel is a professional dubber, he does fan anime fandub in his youtube channel and loves the Castlevania saga. He and his group did the voice acting for Silver Night’s Crusaders. Thank you so much for giving us your incredible talent 😀 .

Beta Testers

True Role Dreams Staff: Maximiliano


Game Tester

A total retro gamer, he likes arcade games, platformers and beat em ups. A big fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

True Role Dreams Staff: GreyMcKnight


Game Tester

He likes action video games but loves the RPGs with a great plot. His classic favorite is Final Fantasy VII.

True Role Dreams Staff: Kasumi

Kasumi (CrimsonNeko93)

Game Tester

She plays RPGs and retro video games in general (loves bootlegs games). She listen games OST while doing anything.