What’s new for True Role Dreams in 2023

Starting the year with the news of True Role Dreams for this 2023, first of all I wish you a Happy New Year 2023! (Yeah, it’s late again we’re nearly May now xd).

And now we will move on to the news of this year:

About Crimson Force (previews)

Crimson Force is the game I’m currently working on, if I haven’t released many previews of this project in later years it’s because its story is still in the making.

If last year I was working on the battle animations, I think this year will be the year I’ll work on the maps:

Because I am laboriously working on the scenarios, I have defined which places my characters are going to visit but I haven’t defined yet what they are going to say or do.

Crimson Force is heavily inspired by JRPG titles on the SNES, especially Final Fantasy, another of my favorite classic video games.

Silver Night’s Crusaders Version 1.6

Slight changes are coming for this version:

The most notable is the integration of the falling animation, for all playable characters, however it is not possible to attack while falling to the ground since it causes usually a tiny glitch which slows down the character for a few seconds (maybe I will fix it in the future).

The player can attack only if the character has jumped before falling.

What’s new for True Role Dreams in 2023 - Library text

Another thing I changed is the instructional texts in the library now tell us a bit of lore from Silver Night’s Crusaders.

Many mention how little point it made to give “tips” in the fifth stage and I think they were right x.x.

Among other changes I detailed in the game’s “Read me” file.

You can download Silver Night’s Crusaders from its official page.

Warcraft III Maps Videos (Updates and Hiatus)

As I mentioned in previous posts, the development of this pack is still on hiatus.

All the video gameplays for the Warcraft III map pack have been uploaded so you can see what map you will play before downloading it.

Some maps have been updated and the Death Cell (expansion) map was removed, I plan to make a better map with that tileset in the future.

And why the hiatus for Warcraft III maps? Because I am working on another project that I’ll detail below.

Mega update for Neon Lightning Force (I hope to release it this year)

I always commented on my disagreement with the result of this video game, since my lack of knowledge made it not work out as well as I expected.

So since middle of last year I’m redesigning Neon Lightning Force so it’s quality equals to Silver Night’s Crusaders or the coming proyect Crimson Force (I think I already found my style in game design xd).

The stages are being updated (with new custom backgrounds), the characters (both enemies and playable) have been balanced, animations will be added and, if possible, a whole variety of weapons.

I hope this update can come out this year or early next year, since I’m giving Crimson Force a higher priority.

At the moment It’s all about the news for the moment if possible I’ll try to post a bit more here, the reason for my inactivity is always because my 100% concentration on each project.

And for more information visit the True Role Dreams news blog.

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See ya 😀 .

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