New website design ready and more news

At last! The new website design of True Role Dreams is ready and we come with more news this year.

About the new website

I like this design better and it is the definitive look that the True Role Dreams website will have from now on (or at least the way it will look for a looooong time):

It may not be a very “retro gaming” look, but I want to focus more on finishing the games I make before spending more time thinking about how the website will look.

It would be sad to have a nice design and not have any finished projects in the games section.

By the way, there are things that need to be finished on the web and they will be added as time goes by, if you still notice certain errors, don’t worry, they will be solved when you least expect it.

About the projects

Silver Night’s Crusaders

I'm working on a single player version of Silver Night's Crusaders, like I did with Neon Lightning Force years ago.

I’m working on a single player version of Silver Night’s Crusaders, like I did with Neon Lightning Force years ago.

This version will be the best to play in the OpenBOR emulator for Android, in a future post I’ll detail very small new features that will come with this version.

Crimson Force

I have already been working on this project for a long time, there is still no playable demo but this year it will be time to show information about this project that I am sure many RPG lovers will love.

Map Pack for Warcraft III

At the moment I have lost the inspiration to create maps, so I have Warcraft III maps on Hiatus until further notice.

For now I want to fix old projects and focus more on new projects, but don’t worry the followers that in the future I will continue creating.

And that’s all for now, for more information visit the True Role Dreams news blog.

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Hasta otra 😀

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