What’s new for True Role Dreams in 2017

A big hello to all my readers! We will see What’s new for True Role Dreams in 2017.

I know that I have been absent these days, but the tasks in my job is increasingly demanding, but I always try to give myself some time to develop my projects.

What I don’t have time to write here.

Likewise, the purpose of these posts is to let you know that I am still working on this hobby and this time I wanted to bring you some news.

What’s New in True Role Dreams: About Projects

Project News: Crimson Force

Now I am working on a remake of my first video game made back in 2006, Crimson Force:

It is a prequel to my main project Caelestis (which I still have in queue), made with RPG maker 2003 more than 9 years ago.

The graphics have not changed too much, I continue using the RTP of the RPG maker 2003, but combining them with free resources of the same style.

Going back to work with these sprite style makes me pretty nostalgic. I hope to publish this project anytime soon.

And this remake will not just be a graphic re edition, but also a more coherent script.

Possible project remake: Galactic Breakout Queen

And continuing with my rookie projects, I possibly also do a remake of this game that is a clone of the well-known Arkanoid:

Galactic BreakOut Queen, more than a game was an experiment that I did with the Game maker a long time ago, quite bad but it’s an idea that I don’t want to forget either.

Neon Lightning Force English translation news

I found a collaborator who will help me not just correcting but also anglicizing the translation of the video game, his nickname is Dyhalto from RPGmaker.net, soon you will see his profile on the Staff page of this site.

So, to avoid multiple versions of the same translation, the review of a native English speaker was important to help me with the precise corrections.

My level speaking english has dropped. I keept my english level playing a lot of RPGs in the past but most video games today come in Spanish xd.

I hope you can follow True Role Dreams news checking out our blog updates.

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