What’s new for True Role Dreams in 2021

This 2021 we start with tremendous news for the followers of True Role Dreams.

And it’s between these months we have been working on a great update for Silver Night’s Crusaders, a great surprise that will make many fans of the video game smile.

What’s new for Silver Night’s Crusaders (1.3 Version)

We not only fix bugs of Silver Night’s Crusaders, in addition to fixing the so-called problem when plugin a joystick and make us play as the second player by default and the addition of a new playable character.

The great surprise for our spanish players are the dubbed in game cinematics.

Spanish DubDoblaje para Silver Night’s Crusaders

Everything was possible thanks to DegelB 【Fandub】and his fantastic cast, who were working from mid-February to give voices to our characters and tell us the interesting game story.

This dubbing will come with version 1.3 of Silver Night’s Crusaders and will be available the first of May of this year.

Fixed Bug of 1.3 version:

  • Fixed bug when plugin a joystick that makes you play as the second player by default.
  • Fastest Theobald combos that makes him easy to play.
  • And small settings which improve the gameplay experience.

By the way, it’s possible that I remove the “Gameplay” version from the official website, to make this unique and definitive game version.

Xavier Bogdan as playable character

That’s right, the powerful paladin, strategist and right hand of the High Inquisitor who collaborates with us in the final mission of Silver Night’s Crusaders, Xavier Bogdán:

He will be available as a playable character in Free Mode and the Bloody Coliseum, giving a little more re-playability to this new version.

What’s new for the Crimson Force Project

Now True Role Dreams is making an RPG video game, which being the first open world project that we will do, paying tribute to another classic video game franchise that veterans of the genre will surely know very well.

And to keep you updated, with great True Role Dreams News in 2021, check out our blog news.

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