What’s new for True Role Dreams in 2016

The 2016 arrived and nothing yet about video games published on this blog (just a couple of x.x presentation posts), but you have to be patient, I brought progress of a project which I’m working on and I think that soon we will have a video game published on this website.

New year of punches and kicks

And we continue with the previews of the untitled Beat ’em up that I’m doing, which we call “Kicks of Rage” for now (I’m hard headed when it comes to writing video game titles).

I have helped myself with material from Street of rage, The Bouncer, Ghost Chanser Densei among other video games of the genre to elaborate it:

Now more than ever it is clear to me that the ideal project for a home video game creator is to make it small to finish it xD.

I’ll have a playable demo ready soon so stay tuned to the blog 😀 .

For more information about the project and its features, I invite you to read the post I written the last month here.

And to stay informed about news and project progress in True Role Dreams, visit our news blog.

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Espero tengan un feliz año nuevo.

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