Kicks of Rage? New project Beat ’em Up

Well, the “retro-arkeid” bug bit me, so it made me want to make a Beat ‘em up style game.

And a while ago I started with this project (Untitled, for the moment) leaving aside the Warcraft III maps creation.

So it’s likely that this project will have priority and stop a little the Warcraft III maps proyect.

About the proyect

I haven’t finish to think in the plot, although it is the least important thing in this video game genre, the only thing I can tell you is that the protagonist of this game is embodied by a female (waifu).

To make a difference with the secondary roles that our virtual girls are always given in the independent development scene (?) and not at all influenced by the commercial models of the industry (and feminism xd).

Isolda Shinawara

For the moment I have given her the name “Isolde” (which means strong and dominant warrior) because I think it goes with her personality.

The team will be made up of 3 playable characters (Isolde and 2 other guys), with slightly different game systems between them since each one will have a combat specialty.

The stages gonna be six (or eight) and will include difficulty modes ranging from easy to hard (the easiest being devoid of story).

An extra level can be unlocked where the skills of the player who beats the game will be put to test.

I’ll try to keep the gameplay dynamic and snappy, as I find most beat ’em ups to be slow and clunky.

I still need to polish details like sounds, animations, etc. I’ll keep thinking of a plot.

And to stay informed about news and project progress in True Role Dreams, visit our news blog.

Bye now!

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