Silver Night’s Crusaders 1.6 Version Released!

And the big news which comes from the 1.3 version of Silver Night’s Crusaders (quite apart from fixed bugs) is the inclusion of spanish dubbing for cutscenes and gameplay.


Credits and acknowledgments

From here I want say thanks to DegelB 【Fandub】(Guillermo Arenivar) and all the people involved in this project for their splendid work:

Vanessa Rigo – Sheeba Faulkner
Guillermo Arenivar – Ethan Graymont (Direction and cast selection)
Fabio Shaggy Rivas – Francis Bloodrose (Cast selection and Ethan’s voice direction)
Pris Bego – Bertha Graymont
Julio López – Theobald Mondragon
Martin Mariano Méndez – Xavier Bogdan
Raúl Meléndez – Ficzkó & Storyteller
Liliana Robledo – Ana Darvulia
Saii Garcia – Elizabeth Bathory de Ecsed
Susana Guajardo – Evaine Belvoir
Josué Alaniz (Hedo Seto) – High Inquisitor
Abelalo Torres – Soldado (Intro)

Since February, we have been coordinating this big surprise for everyone, from writing the dubbing script of the video game to directing each one of the cast members and doing the material for its implementation, which we have been working on throughout the month of April.

Thanks to this great collaboration, the immersion in the game story has improved a lot, and it’s something that the video game was lacking very much.

From here I want to say thanks again for all the great work, which, even for me, has been the best thing that has happened this year in True Role Dreams.

I would like to share Guillermo’s YouTube channel, DegelB 【Fandub】:

The download link is available on the game’s official website, but I’m also leaving it in this post. About the “gameplays” version was removed, this will be the only version from now on.

For more information about Silver Night’s Crusaders visit our news blog.

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