RPG Maker Hispanic Community (Part 3)

This is the third part of my story as a video game developer in the Hispanic RPG maker community.

Continuing with the second part of my post about the Hispanic RPG maker Community, I’ll keep telling you about the projects I met between 2009 and 2010:

Never After Studios

In this community there were projects that stood out graphically but were not well known in the hispanic RPG maker community (or so I think).

Never After Studios was like a kind of underground area (?), at least that’s how I perceived it xd.

I saw many projects that unfortunately I haven’t gotten screenshots of (I can’t even see the old forums from the waybackmachine x.x).

But from the little that I managed to get and try I can highlight:

Las Aventuras de pepe

Created by the user Pepeyjack (Leandro) in RPG maker 2003 (Yes, RPG maker 2003 xd).

What stands out the most is its tremendous graphic section and the formidable management of the color palette.

Distancing itself from the traditional graphic style of a video game made with RPG maker 2003 (or even a 32-bit video game).

Despite the graphic style the game itself never caught my attention, perhaps because at that time it was not my type of story, I was looking for more “shonen anime” plots, but it is not my type of video game either (I do not enjoy action RPGs in top-down view).

If you are interested in more information about this video game (characters, story, etc.) I leave you the link to its wiki: https://wiki.rpgmaker.es/juegos/rpg2003/lasaventurasdepepe

And to its author’s blog: https://lasaventurasdepepe.blogspot.com/

Unfortunately Pepeyjack (Leandro) has not published any news since 2013 to the date of this post. I don’t know entirely if the project has been canceled or is still in an extremely slow development period.


Created by D&A Productions.

Saint-Ex is the demo of a very ambitious project that was unfortunately cancelled, but if it had been completed it would have been one of the best video games in the RPG maker Hispanic community.

But even though it was just a demo and one of the first projects of D&A Producciones, you could see the talent that these developers have when creating video games:

The fluidity of the movements is surprising. Thanks you very much Alianza RTP for this video.

As expected, D&A Producciones is currently working on the development of independent video games under the name DYA Games.

Publishing their video games for both Steam and Nintendo Switch consoles.

El tío Sin chorra

Created by user Chano.

This would have been one of the hidden gems in the Hispanic RPG maker Community, not only because of the unique personality that this video game has.

But because of the graphic style that is used and the great combat system, which although it is somewhat slow, suited the video game great.

Just look at the images and a video to appreciate the genius of this project:

The humor, although local, is understood and very entertaining, giving the game great charisma and personality. Thanks again to Alianza RTP for the video.

If this project had been completed, it would have a place in my top favorite RPG maker video games.

Hellsoft Renovatio

Hellsoft in its golden era (2000 to 2004) was the bastion of the Hispanic RPG maker Community, unfortunately I was not able to enjoy that era.

I didn’t know about the existence of the RPG maker until May 2005 and I didn’t have internet in my home until 2007, which was when I found out about this great community.

Hellsoft Renovatio - RPG Maker Hispanic Community (Part 3)

Hellsoft had an attempted resurrection in late 2008 and early 2009, but the site no longer had the popularity it once did despite the fact that its administrators did everything to keep the community afloat.

I don’t remember any featured projects from the community, since many of the projects exhibited there were from other RPG maker communities that were also presented.

Currently Hellsoft is a website for downloading video games and resources for the RPG maker, the domain is still active so you can visit it through this link.

Going back to Comunidad.rpgmaker.es

And among the video games that I met at Comunidad Hispana RPG Maker, we can mention:

Secret of Gaya

Created by user Oken. The last I heard about Oken (in 2012?) was that he went to work in the video game industry as an illustrator.

His talent for character design was already evident in the official artwork for Secret of Gaya.

Secret of Gaya, being one of the few complete Hispanic RPG maker video games, was the one I most played back in 2008.

Unfortunately I couldn’t complete it 100% (I think I still have the “Save” with my unfinished game lying around xd).

But from what I remember, it is a very interesting video game, strongly influenced by Final Fantasy (especially Final Fantasy 9).

Vivo en el Mundo

VeeM o Vivo en el Mundo (Alive in the World) was a tribute to J-RPG, a very ambitious video game made with RPG maker 2000.

Vivo en el Mundo, took references from both heavy classics such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, but its extensive world was one of the reasons why it could not be completed.

Created by user Cepia, an old colleague and friend that I met thanks to this hobby, who today makes a living doing international commissions with his art.

Vivo en el Mundo, world map - RPG Maker Hispanic Community (Part 3)
This huge map is just a floating continent of VeeM, leaving from there we could see the real map of the world of this video game O.O!

Some drawings where you can appreciate his talent, which since the end of the last decade has surprised us with the detail of his conceptual art:

Vivo en el Mundo, Nagari.
I remember the “Waifu” Nagarí, very catchy name xd.

Here you can see the official site of VeeM where you will find more information about the project.

Memorias de Molian

Created by the users Molian (Diego Navarrete) and Ariac (Oscar Navarrete), both owners of the website La Cantina de Beatrice, fortunately the site is active and can be visited.

But unfortunately there does not seem to be any activity from their authors 🙁 .

Set in the fishing town of Santoña in the year 1807. The protagonist is a young mercenary, named Melriam Molian, who dedicated many years of his life to the service of a single man, Mr. Demian D’courerd, who has welcomed him as a a son. The story begins with an unfortunate event that will change Melriam’s destiny, leaving him between a rock and a hard place.

I loved the way the prologue was written, I didn’t finish the video game because it was an Action RPG, a genre that I’m not very fond of, but I can recognize that the work done was exceptional (the truth is that I’m thinking about giving it a try and play it xd).

Las Memorias de Molian, front box - RPG Maker Hispanic Community (Part 3)

Las Memorias de Molian began its development in 2007 and was completed in 2010, another of the few complete video games from the Hispanic RPG maker Community, a round of applause for its authors.


Created by user AlterEgo, an old colleague who, unfortunately, I lost contact with. His video game did not go beyond a small demo but the care and detail he put into making it really caught my attention.

Fortunately, a demo of his project could be preserved thanks to Alianza RTP, you can ask for the demo at their Discord community (I think).


Created by user Crimsondeath2007 (that’s me xd).

I never managed to finish this project (fortunately), since it had a story full of reflections, philosophy and certain political ideologies I believed at that time (An idiot teenage I was xd), mixed with a shonen Japanese anime plot x.x.

Caelestis stood out only for the graphic section (something that I criticized the video games of that time a lot in the forums x.x) which reached almost the quality of a Playstation 1 video game:

Their graphics has not aged at all, I always remember this video game worse than how it looked, after seeing the images I hope to finish it and publish it in a distant future.

This also was the fourth version that I published. It never went beyond chapter 2 of the 13 chapters I had planned.

For now, Caelestis remained as an example of what we should never do as our first videogame project if we are rookies developers xd.

If you are a newbie, start making small video games, or an easier genre to work, that’s what my father advised me after seeing the obsession I had trying to finish this video game xd.

And that’s all for now, it’s fun for me to write the Crimsondeath’s Diary, so much nostalgia remembering old projects I met xd.

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See ya 😀

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