RPG Maker Hispanic Community

The Hispanic RPG Maker community, although today it is not even the shadow of what it was in its golden years when the Hellsoft forums exploded in popularity.

Even so, it’s a community which I appreciate a lot for because their forums were the place where I born as an amateur video game developer.

Among the most prominent video games I can remember, I would like to mention Dhux’s Scar, Legend of Heroen and Out of Mind.

But this time I would like to write about those projects that were not completed, but caught my attention by those years (from 2007 to 2009).

The forgotten RPGs Hispanic Community

The Last Blade (RPG Maker 2003)

A project that impress me a lot the first time I saw it and one of the first I download to test.

It was one of the few RPG maker games that didn’t use the default combat system, but had created one of its own.

The author of the project is a Mexican colleague nicknamed Akari_un, who also signed his projects as MexCube Videogames.

Los Barquitos (RPG Maker 2003)

And writing about projects that with customize mechanics, this game was another that caught my attention. The author was a user nicknamed as Vegetamaker:

RPG Maker Hispanic Community: Los Barquitos, house.
Los Barquitos, combat.

I think the project was finished, but sadly I haven’t found a download link to try it again.

El Libro (RPG Maker 2003)

The RPG maker was also used to create horror video games, among them I would like to mention this project created by Eldark Matalobos:

RPG Maker Hispanic Community: El libro living room
El libro.

Something that seemed curious to me was that short projects like horror games were the ones that were most often completed in the community.

Drockmort, lágrimas de un ángel (RPG Maker 2003)

I played the demo years ago, and I think I completed it, sure I would have loved to play the full version but it never came out. Its author was KermexRPG.

RPG Maker Hispanic Community: Drockmort title screen.
RPG Maker Hispanic Community: Drockmort conversation.
Drockmort, jail.
Drockmort, battle.

Legend of Chosen † Against the Final Countdown (RPG Maker XP)

I would have liked to get more images from this project, but this was all I could get from web.archive.org. The characters were interesting and had their own official artwork. Her author was nicknamed as Syney.

Naz profile
RPG Maker Hispanic Community: Angeline profile
RPG Maker Hispanic Community: Fenrir Cross
Fenrir’s Cross, I think that’s what it was called xd.

Ysne Hope of a Dream (RPG maker 2003)

I never gave me a time to enjoy this video game or find out about its history or characters.

But looking his images gives me a tremendous nostalgia, I think it doesn’t deserve to be forgotten. It makes me wish to had downloaded a copy in that time. Its author was nicknamed as Lampard.

Ysne Hope of a Dream Title Screen
Ysne Hope of a Dream, skills menu.
RPG Maker Hispanic Community: Ysne Hope of a Dream, battle
Ysne Hope of a Dream, creek.

There was many projects that I don’t remember, if anyone has a better memory than tell me about those projects in the comment box.

A problem of the Hispanic RPG Maker Community

Although the RPG maker engine is pretty easy and accessible to everyone, I consider the RPG genre too advanced for someone that’s just starting out in video game development.

The amount of RPGs project announcements by the community was tremendous, but very few projects kept standing or were finished.

Something that I notice was that some authors of these video games not just published their games under a nickname. But they also went to the trouble of creating a kind of fictitious company, as in the case of Akari_un with MexCube.

I felt motivated too not just to create a fictional video game company but also a better nickname to sign my video games, that’s a topic which I’ll talk about in a future post.

And that’s all I wanted to tell you about the RPG Maker Hispanic Community, check out our blog news to keep you updated, with the latest info about our projects progress in True Role Dreams.

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