True Role Dreams First Project

While the first game “released” of True Role Dreams was Neon Lightning Force, there’s one project which came out in 2006, created with RPG maker 2003.

The name of that game was Crimson Force, a kusoge RPG and my first game ever made.

The First Project: Crimson Force

Early Development

It was the end of 2005 and I was tinkering with an application called RPG maker 2003 that I discovered in may of that year through the Google search engine.

And fascinated by video games like Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete, the Final Fantasy saga and Digimon World series, I said to myself “why not to create my own RPG?”

I already had experience creating maps with The World Editor of Warcraft III, so learning a new engine wouldn’t hurt.

True Role Dreams First Project: Crimson Force, in progress...

So, I spent many hours doing nothing with the RPG maker, just learning what each command was for, I ended up leaving the idea.

I enjoyed playing RPGs more than making them, it was because I was looking for new video games of the genre that I met a franchise that change my perspective about video games forever.

Xenosaga, the inspiration

The Xenosaga trilogy and its prequel Xenogears show me that video games could become more than just entertainment products.

I won’t going to spoil their detailed story and characters, but since I finished them I’ve stopped looking for good stories in triple A video games, I knew I wouldn’t find better ones (Personal opinnion at that moment xD).

Xenosaga Der Wille zur Macht, Jenseits von Gut und Böse and Also sprach Zarathustra, they were an after and before for me as a video game player.

After playing the trilogy, I wanted to tell my own stories, experiences and imaginary worlds, looking the RPG genre as a perfect media to do it.

The Crimson Force project

I get back to work with the project, more inspired than ever, creating my own world and characters I call the nameless RPG as “Crimson Force”.

Using RPG maker 2003’s RTP (the program’s default resource pack) and some resources downloaded from many websites, I finished the project after 8 months of development in mid-2006:

True Role Dreams First Project: Crimson Force

My friend GreyMcKnight, who is also a RPG lover was the beta tester.

He actually like the game (maybe he was lying xD) and said that I was good at writing stories (We were still teenagers xd).

So I decided to post the game on Internet the next year (2007) in one of the forums where I got the resources.

True Role Dreams First Project: Comunidad Creation Asylum

The problem was that I only knew english RPG maker forums, so video game didn’t pass mods filters because of the language (spanish).

Game release reviews and critics

I did have internet in my home until May of 2007, that same month while googling on my computer, I discovered two RPG maker spanish forums: and (o com?)

I posted Crimson Force in both communities and received quite negative feedback from both.

The criticisms of (I don’t exactly remember the domain of the website), were very harsh, I did not publish any project there again.

On the other hand, give me more kindly comments, I made many friends there (some of them last until today).

And that’s all about True Role Dreams first project. Something incredible for me was the quality of the projects which I saw in both forums.

Game projects developed by talented creators that I would like to mention in a comming soon post.

And to keep you updated, with latest info on project progress, check out our blog news.

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See ya! 😀

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