True Role Dreams Origins

Welcome to this first chapter of True Role Dreams story. So what are its origins? How did I get started in this world of video game development?

Before True Role Dreams

My First step with World Editor

It was more than ten years ago (late 2003 approximately) It was in my high school days. Internet Explorer was still used in internet booths (“cyber cafes”) in my district.

Among those days a friend introduced me to a video game, Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos (Until now is my classic favorite PC video game).

After playing it for a while I noticed that the game came with an application called “World Editor of Warcraft III”.

True Role Dreams Origins: About Warcraft III World Editor

It’s an app used to create Warcraft III maps, very easy to use which give Warcraft III a high replay value because the many customizations that you can do with enemies and challenges.

The first maps I create were made in the internet booths, there wasn’t a computer in my house until 2004 mids. And the first thing I did as soon as my father bought me a PC was to install Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and its expansion The Frozen Throne.

The Warcraft III World Editor, nostalgia fills me every time I open it.

My first and new hobby

I remember spending school afternoons and weekends creating fun maps, which got lost in a PC format.

By those years I was also playing the Final Fantasy saga and fascinated by the franchise I tried to make my own RPG with the Waracraft III World Editor.

But the World Editor was an engine design just to create Warcraft III maps and stages, it was not made for create turn-based RPG games.

And it wasn’t until May or June of 2005 that I accidentally search on Google “make an RPG” that I discovered the engine which mark my life, the RPG maker 2003.

True Role Dreams Origins: The RPG maker 2003, the beginning of a new reality.

The RPG maker 2003 came to me as if out of the blue and it was the beginning of what today is my great passion for video game development.

Thus was born my first “formal” project which I’m going to write about in a future post.

That’s all with True Role Dreams origins, I hope you liked it and to keep you updated, with latest info on project progress, check out our blog news.

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