What’s new for True Role Dreams in 2019

And we made it to 2019, bringing you a new update for True Role Dreams. We started the year somewhat late due to all my personal business.

Not long ago I published the Silver Night’s Crusaders Demo, to tell you the truth, I fought a lot to get to that point.

It’s been a whole year of work, the same time I estimated to complete project, so I’m afraid it could take longer to finish this game, maybe another year.

Starting the 2019 in True Role Dreams

About Youtube’s feedback

I have noticed that several gameplay videos have been made to the Silver Night’s Crusaders demo on Youtube (almost as much as the ones of the full version of Neon Lightning Force):

What's new for True Role Dreams in 2019: Several video gameplays of the Demo on youtube

I thought the demo would only be played by a few guys, so I haven’t skimped much on its presentation, now that I know it, it’s a bit late to comment on it.

Because of it, I uploaded a new demo (version 1.1) removing some bugged skills.

They were skills that we may implement again if we find a solution to their bugs.

About Silver Night’s Crusaders: Sheeba’s Flying Mode

And speaking of fixed bugs, Sheeba’s Flying Mode is one of the skills that will return in the final version.

Their bugs have been fixed and the game no longer crashes when she use it while jumping :D.

What's new for True Role Dreams in 2019: Sheeba nows fly :D.

I must give a special thanks to the great Bloodbane, who selflessly contribute a lot with this project.

Plus the feedback we receive from YouTube motivates me a lot to keep going with this project until finish it.

Although this is something I do as a hobby, I’ll try to finish this video game by the end of the year :D.

That’s all for now with our True Role Dreams update for 2019, I’ll try to write here more often.

And to keep you updated, with latest info on project progress, check out our blog news.

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See ya! 😀

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