True Role Dreams logo update and development progress

A big hello to all my readers! This time I want to give you some news about the True Role Dreams logo update and some development progress.

First of all, I have to apologize for the new long absence but my keeps me very these days.

News about the website

True Role Dreams logo update

One of the mayor changes for the website will be new logo update, I have defined the official colors, here the comparison:

At the beginning, True Role Dreams was going to be a video game company focused on making RPG video games with RPG Maker (hence the name “Role” for role-playing xd).

But today I’m focusing on a wide diversity of video game genres (mainly those who tribute to my favorite retro video game genres).

The slogan was changed too. Now fits better to our projects goals.

News about our projets

A Castlevania fan game

I’m currently working on a new project (leaving Crimson Force remake on hiatus) which looks like to one of my  favorite classic video game “Castlevania”.

I still don’t have a name for this game, but I have on mind the story and characters, here a pair of screenshots:

The game is being developed in OpenBOR, the same engine which I used to create Neon Lightning Force, this would be my second project with that tool, I hope to do it better this time.

I hope to finish this game in one year, I don’t want to spend more time on this project (like happen me with Neon Lightning Force) just fixing details.

I must to keep discipline avoiding distractions, maybe going out from social networks, memes, etc.

For now I have to keep working in the game development, so that’s all I have to write for True Role Dreams news logo update and development progress.

And to keep you updated, with latest info on project progress, check out our blog news.

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See ya! 😀

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