Welcome to True Role Dreams!

Welcome to this humble website, I’m Crimsondeath and True Role Dreams will be the place where I’ll publish all videogames that I’ll create.

This blog section will be a kind of personal binnacle where I’ll publish the development logs of my projects, general news and many interesting experiences.

Do you like the website design?

…*criked* *criked* *criked*

I didn’t like it either but, What are we going to do? I’ll be focusing in the projects development and trying to release new games rather than blogging xd.

So don’t expect to get weekly news here. Maybe a monthy entry just to say “I’m alive!”.

But if you want more content you can follow and watch all the videos on my YouTube channel:

You can follow True Role Dreams on their social networks

The YouTube channel where I’ll upload all the final or in-development video gameplays of True Role Dreams’s games:

Our little known Ivoox channel, where interviews and podcast will be uploaded.

And finally our WhatsApp channel where you can see an almost daily progress of the video games developed:

There’s also a game section where you can see my completed projects and maybe one or two that are still on development.

My goal is to reach 4 or 8 finished projects and published in game section, each one will be a tribute to video game genres I love.

Although I receive collaborations on the video game development, True Role Dreams is run by just 1 person (Crimsondeath), so I can take a (VERY LONG) time to aswser all requests or messages left on the website.

For more immediate communication, use the contact page where it is very likely that they will respond as soon as possible.

Don’t forget to read the Terms of use page of True Role Dreams website and the Privacy Policy before leaving any comments on the website.

And without further ado… Welcome to True Role Dreams!

And to keep you update, with lasted info or project progress, check out our blog news.

See ya! 😀

Edit (24/9/2023): Welcome new followers, I just updated social networks.

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