Welcome to True Role Dreams!

Welcome to this humble website, I’m Crimsondeath and True Role Dreams will be the place where I’ll publish all videogames that I’ll create.

This blog section will be a kind of personal binnacle where I’ll publish the development logs of my projects, general news and many interesting experiences.

Do you like the website design?

…*criked* *criked* *criked*

I didn’t like it either but, What are we going to do? I’ll be focusing in the projects development and trying to release new games rather than blogging xd.

So don’t expect to get weekly news here. Maybe a monthy entry just to say “I’m alive!”.

I’ll share that entry on Twitter and Facebook and if is just a video or trailer in Youtube.

It’s important to follow me on social networks if you don’t want to lose anything. I’ll be leaving the links here:

And our unknown Ivoox Channel, where I will upload audios of interviews and podcast.

Important, the game section is where you find my completed projects, maybe you’ll see one or two that are still in development.

My goal is to reach 4 or 8 finished projects and published in game section, each one will tribute to video game genres I love.

For now is empty, but be patient, It will be filling soon.

And to keep you update, with lasted info or project progress, check out our blog news.

See ya! 😀

Edit (8/5/2017): Welcome to new followers, I just have changed the old logo from the main banner, now it looks better xd.

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