Improvement and Progress (Silver Night’s Crusaders)

Coming back with more improvement and progress from the Silver Night’s Crusaders project.

Something I like to avoid are project spoilers, which is why I don’t show image progress and not because the project is stopped.

I only can show you images, but no videos since the full game is only an hour and a half long (if you have a lot of skill).

Improvement and Progress Silver Night's Crusaders: Fight against paladin
Improvement and Progress Silver Night's Crusaders: Condemned's Laboratory
Mejoras y avances generales
Condemned's Laboratory, spike trap.

I’ve already finished stage seven, I’m very happy with the Legion boss replica I made, it’s one of my favorite Castlevania bosses.

For those who have seen the video posted in the last project progress, the improvements suggested by the Chronocrash community were applied.

One of them was scenarios with depth, using layered backgrounds:

Improvement and Progress Silver Night's Crusaders: Layer background.

The effect looks great and will be applied in many stages in the full version and the updated stages of the demo.

It’s all for now with the improvements and progress of Silver Night’s Crusaders project, and remember that to keeps you updated, with latest info on project progress, check out our blog news.

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