Silver Night’s Crusaders Co-op Mode

After fixing a few bugs, I can finally make Official the Silver Night’s Crusaders Co-op Mode.

And the video that I bring you today is just about that:

Special thanks to Maximiliano for helping me to do the gameplay test

Although some followers on YouTube got ahead of us by making a video testing this game mode playing the demo version I published at the beginning of this year.

The difference with the “single player” mode is the appearance of enemies in boss fights (to make a “more balanced” fight). 1

To avoid enemies saturation on the screen, the bosses in the final version will have a moderate difficult, not so hard as in demo version.

That’s everything I wanted to share about Silver Night’s Crusaders Co-op Mode and to keep you updated, with latest info on project progress, check out our blog news.

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See ya! 😀

1 Edit (7/11/2020): I had to discard that idea due to many bugs that have presented in many gameplays, due the quarantine in my country, the co op boss fights were not tested properly.

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