Silver Night’s Crusaders Demo

The Silver Night’s Crusaders Demo is finally available!

Delays have been heavy, horrible bugs to solve, a crashed PC and many other responsibilities that I have as an adult will always have.

But at last I bring the demo for you and my wish is that you try it.

About Silver Night’s Crusaders demo

The demo comes without dialogues (and some special animations) to avoid spoilers in the story (which by the way, I haven’t written yet xD).

The first 5 playable stages were added, it’s almost a half of the game, I hope calms down the hype many players has for it, else I invites you to try more video games that I have created.

Cooperative mode has not been tested, it’s playable if you plug a PC joystick and configure it but it could present many bugs xd.

Demo Image Gallery

Silver Night's Crusaders Demo: Cachtice Town
Silver Night's Crusaders Demo: Fran's bat transformation
Silver Night's Crusaders Demo: Gargoyle in waterfall.
Silver Night's Crusaders Demo: Fran at Castle's Entrance
Flametaur at Underground Passage.
Silver Night’s Crusaders Demo

About bugs and errors you found they will be fixed for the final version, which I hope to release at the end of 2019 x.x. I’ll leave the download link of the Demo (The Demo is in spanish, but the game will have an english version at the release date):

Silver Night's Crusaders Demo download link (spanish)

Help for Silver Night’s Crusaders:

I have few experience with OpenBOR, so I’m asking help to fix the next bugs:

General Bugs:

  • Fran’s bat transformation and Sheeba’s Flying Mode shouldn’t go through walls.
  • The thunder strike of the first boss doesn’t target the player when he is on the ground xd.
  • Equipped sub weapon isn’t shown below the number of lives (more than a bug, I would like someone to help me with that xd).

Whoever helps me with this will appear at the credits roll of the game also a character cameo if you are developing a game. Anyway if these bugs can’t be fixed, I will try to “patch” them in some way.

More details about the bugs send me a message at, with subject “Help with bugs”.

And to keep you updated, with latest info on project progress, check out our blog news.

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Have a great day! 😀

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