Silver Night’s Crusaders Project

“Silver Night’s Crusaders” So it is readers and homebrew gamers, is the name I chose for this project.

Silver Night’s Crusaders

A fun fact is that the title was born chatting with a friend on Facebook he said the last word between jokes without wanting to.

The video game could be called “Silver Night’s Riders” a title that didn’t convince me at all, but driven by the need to publish news soon, I could have chosen.

Project Progress

As you can see in the video, the development is going quite well (I don’t publish more videos due the short stages size that this kind of games have) but I am almost halfway through the project.

I’m planning to post a demo with 5 out of 10 stages made (without dialogue scenes to avoid spoilers).

Something that frustrates me a lot is that my laptop broke down, and now I am writing this entry from an old computer delaying the project progress.

Even in these conditions I must continue moving forward. I have noticed that some followers of this project on YouTube, from here I say you thanks for all your comments.

Tha’s all for Silver Night’s Crusaders project for now and to keep you updated, with latest info on the project, check out our blog news about the game.

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See ya! 😀

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