Fixing little bugs from Silver Night’s Crusaders

I finish stage 8 and epilogue stage of Silver Night’s Crusaders now fixing some little bugs, come to my mind a quote of Shigeru Miyamoto:

A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.

And it’s because the development of Silver Night’s Crusaders is delaying so much (besides from all the labor issues I have on…)

I could release a “new version” of demo, but I don’t want this project get know by just releasing many demos.

And to show you that I wasn’t lazy I bring some images this time:

Fixing details from Silver Night's Crusaders: Gallery Main hall
Sobre Silver Night Crusaders y su retrazo (no ese retrazo :B xd)
The Huntress from Symphony of the Night is here xd.
Bathory's bedroom, the final combat.

I emphasize again, something I want to avoid are the spoilers so I don’t show much images from the game stages, I think I have show enough with the five stages on the demo…

And by the way, write here all that I’m working monthly delays the development of Silver Night’s Crusaders even more.

It’s hard to keep discipline to work in this when you are almost to finish it, but be patient that this won’t be unfinished (unless something happens me x.x).

I’ll continue fixing little bugs from Silver Night’s Crusaders and to keep you updated, with latest info on project progress, check out our blog news.

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See ya! 😀

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