Silver Night’s Crusaders official website

A significant archivement of this project is the release of the Official Silver Night’s Crusaders Website.

Within the website you will find information not revealed in the demo: story, characters, etc. Details that the most curious followers were asking for:

Silver Night's Crusaders official website
Silver Night’s Crusaders (Official website)

About Silver Night’s Crusaders website

The first thing you will see on the website is the trailer and the download link of the video game.

Unfortunately until this post publication, there’s no official trailer. The trailer will be released some weeks before the official game release.

And as for the download link of the video game, obviously there is just the demo that I release at  january of 2019.

The information on the website internal sections will be updated, so remember to take a look at it at least once a month.

Bilingual Website

And if your native language is not spanish, don’t worry, the information on the web is also in english, you just have to click on the little flags in the upper left corner.

If you enter by smartphone, the flags will appear within the menu.

Well that’s all for now and to keep you updated, with latest info on Silver Night’s Crusaders, check out our blog news.

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