Silver Night’s Crusaders project progress

I am at good mood today, autumn has arrived and trying to keep the blog activity I bring you a new progress about  Silver Night’s Crusaders project.

Beyond the Silver Night’s Crusaders demo

Stage five and the stage sixth boss progress

The fifth stage will be the classic clock tower (without medusa heads x.x), although there will be fucking bats and spiders that will make difficult to go thought the place, the boss of that level will be a surprise xd.

And about the stage sixth we have Fizckó the Bathory jester as boss, the fight background is not in it’s final version yet.

Vídeo gameplay

It was hard to me, but I was able to record this gameplay of Silver Night’s Crusaders ‘s sixth stage, The Moon Bridge.

There are still three stages less to complete the video game, it seems that I’ll be able to finish it by the end of this year, perhaps it could also include some new game modes.

It’s all with Silver Night’s Crusaders and to keep you updated, with latest info about the game check out our blog news.

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