Silver Night’s Crusaders for Android emulator and Version 1.5

And finally I was able to publish Silver Night’s Crusaders for the OpenBOR Android emulator, there are so many fixes that it’s already a 1.5 version.

What’s new in the version for the OpenBOR Android Emulator

Many aspects of the level design have been corrected, minimal things that needed polishing and difficulty readjustments for some enemies, which were anoying to fight rather than challenging.

Unlike the “PC version”, this version is single player so character descriptions can be read on the selection screen.

Silver Night's Crusaders for Android emulator and Version 1.5

And by not having to share screen with the second player, the names of the monsters come out completely in the text box.

Silver Night's Crusaders for Android emulator and Version 1.5

For more information about this changes click here.


How to play it on Android

Years ago I wrote a tutorial with the steps to follow for play OpenBOR games on the Android emulator for OpenBOR, you can find it in the tutorials category of this website or in this link.

Why I have to do so many steps for play Silver Night’s Crusaders on Android?

I would actually like to convert this version to an .APK file and put it on the Play Store (or some other place to download) but unfortunately it’s not possible.

Right now, there is not an easy method or magic app to convert OpenBOR games “.pak” files to installable APKs for android :'( .

If you know an easy way to do it, leave it to me in the comments box.

What’s New in Version 1.5

These changes and news apply to both versions the one for PC and the Android OpenBOR Emulator version:

  • Nerf to enemies and bosses: Sucubus, Flamataura, Baphomet, Demon Knight, Killer Clown and Evil Gaze.
  • Added slight changes to the library level.
  • Reduced the resistance of summoned enemies (by Fizcko and the Succubus).
  • Fixed other minor bugs.

You can replace the “Saves” folder of the old version with the current one, so as not to lose progress, unlockables, score or settings.

The download links on the website have been updated:

Remember that if you are looking for the newest version of Silver Night’s Crusaders you should download it from its official website.

And that’s all for now, if you want more information about Silver Night’s Crusaders click here to see all related articles.

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