Silver Night’s Crusaders english version released!

Despite everything that happened in the project development, the complete Silver Night’s Crusaders english version is here finally!

The setbacks have been horrible, from the heavy Lima’s traffic, labor instability and overtime jobs, to broken PCs and global pandemics.

But the suffering for both of us has come to an end.

Complete English version details:

The inclusion of the last 5 stages, new enemies and challenges, as well character skills polishing and the fixes bugs found in the demo.

If you keep finding bugs or errors, I would appreciate reporting them to the contact page of this website.

¿More information about Silver Night’s Crusaders?

You ‘ll find the story of the game, information about the sub-weapons for players characters and their bios too.

The tips section gives you advice that helps you to progress in the game, the difficulty is high so don’t underestimate it.

Official Trailer

I didn’t find a better music theme for the trailer, Star of Eyes of Eden not just fits well with the drama and personality of the game protagonist, also is the perfect music genre for this kind of game.

The second part of the trailer, show us many skills from our playable characters, as well the new enemies and challenges we will have to face on this complete version.

Without further ado, I leave you an official download link, from its official website:

Silver Night's Crusaders english version released!

Probably you’ll find some bugs in the first days of game releases (especially on cooperative mode), due to this global health situation, the beta testers couldn’t help me to test the game (The cooperative mode support local players only).

So by December I will be preparing a new version with reported bugs fixes.

And to keep you updated, with latest info on Silver Night’s Crusaders, check out our blog news.

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Happy Halloween everyone! 😀

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