Delays and problems with Silver Night’s Crusaders

Greetings to all the readers, I just writing this to warn you that the Silver Night’s Crusaders project is still on, these are many delays and problems which I hope were temporary.

I am on the final stages of video game development and I know that there have been months that I have not published a progress.

But this year has been very difficult for me in terms of labor and health.

Fortunately, the health issue is being resolved, but employment is still in process (an issue of non-payment that has me on a tightrope).

I would be lying telling you that these problems don’t influence in the time I can dedicate to the project, I must get money from somewhere before continue.

I said I’d have the full game by the end of this year (2019), but I see it more likely by mid-2020.

About the project I have make it to stage 8, but there are details that I have to finish and some bugs to fix.

One thing for sure, is that these delays and problems for Silver Night’s Crusaders will not last forever.

If you want to support me, I just ask you to visit the news blog and comment, maybe you are new around here you have missed some progress.

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Have a nice day.

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  1. Slash nos hizo un Pingback: dice:

    Please, finish The game. I loved it. Greetings from Brazil

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