The Crimson Force project

The Crimson Force project is a remake of my first video game created in 2006 and released in September of that year (I developed in 9 months believe it or not xD).

The Crimson Force Project progress

A brief story of the project, the first version

Crimson Force is a project that I am very fond of since it is inspired by another of my favorite video game sagas, Final Fantasy, which I play during the 2000s when I was a die-hard fan of RPGs.

And after finding the original version in my files, playing it and deciding never to publish it, for obvious reasons (like lack of experience in every single aspect of game development xd).

I was encouraged to do this remake with all the knowledge I have to date.

RPG maker 2003

And yes, the project was made with the infamous RPG Maker, know in some places as a bad development engine because makes easy the video game creation to novices (almost as easy as OpenBOR does).

I’m not going to explain how I found out the RPG Maker, but if you’re curious I wrote a post about it here.

Crimson Force, the current development

I am currently rewriting its history, the backbone of all RPGs, and creating the scenarios where it will take place.

As for showing the progress of the project, it will be like I did with Silver Night’s Crusaders, bringing some video or images every so often.

So before I go I will show some what I have been developing:

And a battle system video, one of my favorite parts of an RPG:

And that’s all for now, if you want more info about this proyect I have created it’s own blog category as “Crimson Force“.

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I’ll see you in a next post 😀

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