Silver Night’s Crusaders interview by Castlevania latino

A few weeks ago I had an interview about the Silver Night’s Crusaders project by Castlevania Latino, they are a hispanic community of fans who love the Castlevania saga, a video game that is the inspiration or rather the video game to which Silver Night’s Crusaders pays tribute.

Interview summary

The interview lasted half an hour and was a great opportunity to promote the project.

We talked about the reasons, the meaning and  why the name of Silver Night’s Crusaders was chosen for the project.

As well the original source of the project’s music and the notable resemble of the characters with the original ones of Castlevania saga such as the design of Fran, a teenage version of Alucard.

Also the possibility of playing the game on mobile devices such as Android through an OpenBOR emulator.

I also answered some questions about the project in the chat and comments on the channel.

Silver Night’s Crusaders project interview on Castlevania Latino channel

For those who weren’t on live transmision, don’t worry, you can post your doubts or questions in the comment box of this post, I will answer as soon as posible.

I leave the complete interview for you here (is in spanish), and subscribe to Castlevania Latino channel to show him your support:

The interview is also available in audio format on our Ivoox channel, where I’ll upload this kind of material as a backup in audio format:

I want to end this post thanking Castlevania Latino for the interview and interest in the Silver Night’s Crusaders project.

And to keep you updated, with latest info about Silver Night’s Crusaders, check out our blog news about the game.

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See ya! 😀

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