Silver Night’s Crusaders interview by Castlevania Latino

A few weeks ago I had a new interview with Castlevania Latino Community, we talk about Silver Night’s Crusaders full version.

I had an interview with they at the beginning of 2019, I’m leaving the link here.

Interview summary

The interview last long an hour, but we not only talk about Silver Night’s Crusaders we also talk about some current oftopic news and True Role Dreams future proyects.

We wanted to do this interview on live, but we had trouble with Youtube platform, so the community did me the interview on private and uploaded it a week later.

There was talk of the comparison made of Silver Night’s Crusaders with “Dark Souls” being it’s action and frenzy influenced by Devil May Cry.

I also pointed out certain errors that I had in the development of the video game, such as the level design in the prologue stage.

Another recurring topic are the game controller issues. I talked about the bug that happens when connecting the joystick and sets us to the 2nd player by default (I’ll correct that bug at the next project version).

I take this opportunity to let you know that I have created a frequently asked questions page where I explain in detail, not just the controller bug, but many other problems as well.

Silver Night’s Crusaders full interview by Castlevania Latino

I leave the complete interview for you (is spanish xd ):

And if you just want to listen, it’s also available in audio format on the True Role Dreams Ivoox channel:

To end this post I want to thanks Castlevania Latino for this new interview, so now I’m leaving his channel link to you for subscribe.

And to keep you updated, with latest info on project progress, check out our blog news.

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