Isolde Shinawara

Age: 25 years old Weight: 141 lbs Height: 5'64 Job: Police Detective

Trained in Muay Thai from when she was a girl. As a Police officer, she brought in many dangerous criminals which earned her the nickname of “Steel Lady”.

Steven Wolfgang

Age: 28 years old Weight: 160 lbs Height: 5'57 Job: Business Magnate

Owner and CEO of Antares Corp. Trained in the best Kempo schools in the world. He financed, tested, and now wields a cutting-edge weapon: The Fire Glove.

Dr. Roderick Negishi

Age: 40 years old Weight: 572 lbs Height: 6'72 Job: Scientist

A world renowned biogenetics scientist. Transformed into a new type of Bioroid due to an “accident”, for which he seeks vengeance.

Melania Shinawara

Works as a stripper and escort in a high-end nightclub. Isolde’s cousin and roommate.

Atlas Proyect

Combat droid developed by Talos Corp. Able to act on it’s own free will. Utilizes organic matter as fuel.


Steven’s pet eagle. Always travels by his side, unless he “has work to do”. Extremely intelligent.

Mikhail Shenkman

Neopolis’ Chief of Police and Isolde’s boss. Served in the Russian Army in World War III.

Neopolis's Police

Becoming complacent due to the present state of world peace, they seem to have stopped training, instead becoming expert donut devourers.

Vixor Wolfgang

Owner and CEO of Talos Corp. Suspected of ties with Neopolis drug cartels responsible for most of the criminal activity.