Welcome to True Role Dreams

(Si no hablas inglés puedes leer la versión en español de este artículo aquí)

So from today on I’ll publish here the development progress of my games 😀

How about the new design of my website?

…*criked* *criked* *criked*

I didn’t like it either -w- but, What are we going to do? I’ll be focus in my projects more that blogging, maybe I’ll do a monthy publication just to say “I’m alive!”, the same publication that I’ll share on Twitter and Facebook, if it has a video, I’ll probably share it on Youtube too.

You can follow me on:

Facebook (Spanish)

Twitter (Spanish)

Youtube (Spanish)

To finish, in the “Juegos” page you will found my complete games maybe you’ll see one or two that are still in development (Probably they’re completed but didn’t translated, be patient please xd).

We’ll see each other on the next post!

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