Silver Night’s Crusader’s Demo

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¡Finally I was able to publish a Silver Night’s Crudasers demo! The setbacks were terrible (horrible bugs, Pc malfunctions and many responsibilities that I have) But here it is at last, and I would like you to test it:

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About the demo

The demo comes without dialogs (I also removed some animations), to avoid spoilers.

The demo only have the first 5 stages fully playable, which I hope it calms the hype of play it complete, else I invite you to play other video games I had created, they’re complete video games.

The Co-op mode has not been tested, it is playable if you connect a joypad and configure it in options but you could found some simple bug xd.

The demo is in Spanish, the video game will have an English translation when the final version comes.

About the bugs, they’ll be fixed in the final version of the video game, which I hope to publish at the end of 2019 x.x.

Besides, there is a favor that I would like to ask to those who are programmers or Mod makers in OpenBOR:

Do you want to collaborate with this project?

I need help fixing bugs :'(

General Bug:
  • Fran’s bat transformation and Sheeba’s Flying Mode should not pass the walls.
  • The thunder attack of the first boss does not aim well at the player when the player is on the ground xd.
  • The equipped sub-weapon isn’t showing below the life icon (more than a bug x.x I would like someone to help me with that xd).

Whoever helps me with those bugs will receive their respectives credits and special thanks at the ending screen in the game, is all I can offer 🙁 . If I can’t correct these bugs I will look a way for “patching” the game, I hope doesn’t affect the final game version

More details about the bugs contact me at, with subject [Help with bugs].

Thank you anyway.

Greetings and enjoy

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  1. Crimsondeath

    The Demo of Silver Night Crusaders have been uploaded again, with slight changes in the characters xd.

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