Rol-chan’s Report #5: Cooperative mode and gameplays channel :D

(Si no hablas inglés puedes leer la versión en español de este artículo aquí)

There was no report last month x.x
Crimsondeath had problems solving a big bug in the game and is what I going to report on this occasion n.n. Today we want to make official the ¡¡¡Cooperative mode!!! n.n/ :

Special thanks to Maximiliano for helping us testing the game <3
You are so bad at games man, I would have played better ¬_¬

This is the first official video we made about it, although youtube fans have already tested this mode in the demo that we published in january of this year. As you see in the video, cooperative mode has enemies that’ll spawn with the bosses of each stage (to make a balanced fight). Unlike the demo, we’ll avoid filling the screen spawning a moderated number of enemies in the final version.

By the way, CrimsonDeath has a youtube channel where he’ll publish gameplays 😀 :

Those gameplays will show from story, solutions to hidden secrets from old video games that we have made,  videogames with at least 3 years old (he’ll play english versions of True Role Dreams games), so don’t expect much activity x’D, maybe he’ll include gameplays from others indies and amateur videogames, so subscribe to Crimsondeath’s channel if you want.

This was Rol-chan’s report n.n .

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  1. Fabien Hugues

    WOAW it’s like a dream !!!! I love so much Coop games <3

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