Rol chan’s Report #3: Silver Night’s Crusaders official website

(Si no hablas inglés puedes leer la versión en español de este artículo aquí)

Yeah! Inside the website you’ll find unrevealed information from the demo (story, characters, etc). Info that our most curious fans were asking for n.n:

Silver Night’s Crusaders (Oficial Site)

The website information will be updated while the game keep developing, so remember to check it at least once a month 🙂 .

If you can’t understand spanish don’t worry, the website info is already in English n.n, just have to click on the flags that appear in the upper left corner (or inside the menu in the case of smartphones).

For now, we don’t have an official trailer for Silver Night’s Crusaders, but Crimsondeath will publish one when the official release date approaches (the images in the gallery section will be undated too), so be patient :D.

This was Rol-chan’s report n.n

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