Perú in quarantine (that’s all I needed!)

(Si no hablas inglés puedes leer la versión en español de este artículo aquí)

After “solving” my job crisis and economic crisis …

We are facing a health crisis and a future financial crisis x.x (which I had already seen coming from 2019 from other sources).

What I did not expect is that the crisis come in this way. Probably I’ll make a Top about the problems and delays I had to face since 2018 to carry out the Silver Night Crusaders project when it is finished (Definitely the COVID-19 took the first place now).

(But since I love my blog readers, I give you some progress xd)

At least me and my family are fine, there are no infected or dead, so the project continues with less time than before … After leaving my previous job (the problem was a delay in payments) I got a new job, that paids on time and better that the previous one but demands even more time (I have a remote job, at least for me this quarantine is not a vacation or anything like that, are the face-to-face jobs that have been paralyzed I think xd).

And seeing how things are going and the state of emergency that is my country, it’s impossible for me to get another job that gives me freedom (for now but believe me I’m looking for it xd).

So the release date of this video game is undefined x.x, I am very close to the end but every time I have less time to advance it, at least on weekends I totally work on it, but that’s just a day.

I hope you are all well, see ya xd

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