New logo, new start and some avances

(Si no hablas inglés puedes leer la versión en español de este artículo aquí)

No, is not a “rebuild” of my developing projects xD, is just “new look” for this website.

Now is not so similar to the Dreamworks logo xD

The reason is that now my web site is focus on a diversity of videogames genres (in fact, just my favorite retro-genres) and not only RPG maker games (The Role videogame genre is where the TrueRoleDreams name comes from), I also change the slogan, now it’s most related to the games produced by this site.

About my proyects

Recently I’m working on a new project (putting in hiatus the Crimson Force remake) it’s similar to another of my favorite classic videogame, “Castlevania”, I didn’t think on a name for this game but I have on mind the story and characters, here a pair of screenshots:

The game is being doing with OpenBor, the same engine which I used to do Neon Lightning Force, this would be my second game with that tool, I hope to do it good, I have put a 1 year time limit to myself to do the development, I don’t want to spend more time on this project (like happen with Neon Lightning Force in some graphic details x.x).

Now I have to keep going with the development, I’m sorry if I don’t write too much, I also have Spanish audience so I have to duplicate this publication in spanish for them jeje.

Greeting to all the followers :D.

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