Memories of Game Creation: My “Birth”, and The World Editor.

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I haven’t written in the blog for long time and taking advantage of the medical rest because of my recent dental surgery, nostalgia invaded me while watching the rain through the window in this cold and gray Lima’s winter.

So today, I want to tell my story about how I started in this hobby of the amateur videogame development. I need to going back more than 10 years (late 2003 aproximately) when I was in high school. Internet Explorer was still used in the Internet cafes* of my district, and it was there where a friend introduced me to a videogame known as Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos (Which is still my favorite PC videogame).

After losing a few rounds against him and being defeated by the computer in the cooperative mode, I was curious about an application that comes with the game: “The World Editor”, which I clicked on and changed my reality forever.

The application is used to make scenarios or maps to Warcraft III to play with friends or against computer, is easy to use and gives a tremendous replay value to the game, because you can create maps, customize enemies and challenges, replay value is unlimited. It was my first experience, the closest thing, to what videogame creating was.

Mis primeros mapas no pudieron ser salvados ya que fueron hechos en 15 minutos o media hora en las cabinas de internet, no tuve un ordenador hasta mediados de 2004 y una de las primeras cosas que hice en cuanto mi padre me compró un PC fue instalar el Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos y con su respectva expansión The Frozen Throne.

I didn’t have Internet in my home until the beginning of 2007, so I spent school afternoons and weekends creating fun but simple maps, which were lost in computer reformat, in those years I also played the Final Fantasy saga, I played from the first to ninth video game on Playstation, via Super Nintendo’s emulator and Famicom’s emulator. Fascinated by the franchise I tried to make my own J-RPG with the World Editor but by it’s limitations I coudn’t do it.

It wasn’t until May or June of 2005 that I accidentally googled “make RPGs” which I discover another tool for game creation, the RPG maker 2003 and my reality changed again.

To be continued…

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