Memories of Game Creation: From 2007 to 2008, legendary creators and forgotten projects

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I met many creators in “Hispanic Community RPG Maker” with various projects in which they used the RPG maker in unconventional ways one of those projects was “The Last Blade” by Akari_un, the project was never finished but it was one of the first in his moment impressed me, despite having a terrible battle system in terms of gameplay, just being personalized already made it worthwhile:

I did not find images of The Last Blade but its trailer

There were also projects that were not necessarily from the RPG genre like “Los Barquitos” by Vegetamaker:

Of this one I only found two images but as I remember it was very fun

Along with horror games like “The Book” by Eldark Matalobos:

And from this proyect I only found these two images x.x.

Something funny to me was that the engine is call RPG maker and ironically, the RPG genre projects were the ones that almost never were completed xd.

The whole community was full of playable demos and many unfinished RPGs, nostalgia invade me while remembering so many ambitious projects of those years:

“Drockmort, Lágrimas de un Angel” by KermexRPG

“Legend of Chosen † Against the Final Countdown…” by Syney (I only found these characters profile and Fenrir’s Cross…)

“Ysne Hope of a Dream” by Lampard, that despite having a story that I felt somewhat dense I must admit that it is a quality RPG *

Among many other projects that I don’t remember (and if someone has a better memory than I, comment that proyect at the end of this post), the great ambition they had was the main problem since their creators did not have the time to finish them even using Internet resources, I was one of those creators too … (I’ll write about that later xd).

But “RPG Maker Hispanic Community”, was not the only Spanish community about RPG maker that I met, there were many other communities with memorable projects that I will talk about in an upcoming post.

To be continued…

P.D.: Images thanks to

* Note: The project “Ysne, Hope of a Dream” was finished, but I think the his creator was working on a remake that left unfinished (?).

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