Memories of Game Creation: From 2005 to 2007, my first project, the arrival

(If you don’t speak spanish you can read the english version of this article Here).

It wasn’t until a couple of months after I discovered the RPG Maker 2003, that I stopped using the World Editor of Warcraft III and began the developing of my own RPG video game (inspired in Final Fantasy games by those days).

When I was on the 4th or 5th month of development, I decided to restart my proyect, it was february of 2006 in that year the last video game of another franchise that I love was about to be released, Xenosaga, and after finish his prequel, Xenogears, I wanted to do something similar, changing my project in something planned to be a franchise with several sequels, which I baptized as “Crimson Force”.

Crimson Force was made with the default resource pack which the program comes (RTP) and other resources downloaded from Internet websites dedicated to RPG maker, and after 8 months of development I finished what was the first chapter of my “franchise”.

A friend, who is a Final Fantasy fan too, helped me testing the proyect. He liked the game the story development was good enough for him (in that time he was around 15 years old and I was in 17 xd) so I decided to publish the game into the Internet the next year (2007) in one of those forums dedicated to RPG maker.

The issue was that I only knew RPG maker communities in english and portuguese, I think that’s why my spanish video game didn’t make it through the mod’s filters. And so, in an afternoon of May of 2007, googling at my computer, I discovered two hispanic forums dedicated to RPG maker: (or simply known as Hispanic Community RPG Maker) and or .com (?) I don’t remember well (I think it was managed by an user called Makerhack), what I do remember are the hard criticisms that I receive in the second forum, realizing that I had a long way to go in this hobby, it was something that contrasted with the friendly users of the Hispanic RPG Community, being there is where I discovered something called virtual friendships, many were ephemeral and others have lasted until today.

To be continued…

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