True Role Dreams and Quarantine 2020

The world is at global quarantine, but that’s no reason to publish True Role Dreams news in this 2020.

The situation with the quarantine

About me and True Role Dreams xd

Well, my luck couldn’t be worse, my job and economic crisis was solucionated… but quarantine plunges me back into them.

The schedule of my new job is longer than where I was before so I have very few hours to write here on True Role Dreams’s blog.

I’ll not lie if I tell you that this situation discourages me… It’s the only thing that was missing to delay the project…

I don’t like to write about personal issues, but I have to tell the thruth to those who follow the project.

About Silver Night’s Crusaders

I have very few news from the past month. I’m already stating with cutscenes and testing the last boss:

True Role Dreams and Quarantine 2020: The last boss Who do you think she i? xd

I’m not going to show story images  to avid spoilers, but now the release date of Silver Night’s Crusaders is undefined but I’ll try that development does not pass this year.

That’s all for now, because of this quarantine it may not be many news for this 2020 in True Role Dreams, now I have less time to keep going with this…

And to keep you updated, with latest info on project progress, check out our blog news.

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See ya.

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