Neon Lightning Force Update link available

Happy belated year everyone! A few months ago I played the first game I made Neon Lightning Force and I have been bringing a slight update.

What’s new for Neon Lightning Force?

I know many were expecting a Silver Night’s Crusaders update but after playing this beat’em up again I notice some bugs palette, so I couldn’t help but fix them.

I animated some scenes from the first stage too so they don’t look so flat now.

Neon Lightning Force Update

The sound quality on PC version was updated too, now it’s not so compressed.

This update makes the game a bit heavier but since 1 Terabyte hard drives exist, I don’t think it will make a problem.

For more information about this update see the “README (or how to play on android).html” file that comes with the game on PC.

The link for this new Neon Lightning Force update is available from the official website.

And to keep you updated, with latest info on Neon Lightning Force, check out our blog news.

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